"The composers working in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century were responding musically to a series of seismic cultural, social and political changes. For me, the music of this period has a very special artistic significance: I hope that you will join us to hear the music of Debussy, Ravel, Messiaen and their compatriots, contextualised by the influence of the artists, writers and thinkers that inspired them."

The first half of the 20th century was one of the most troubled period of France’s history. But despite the devastation of two world wars and the unrest caused by a social revolution, Paris nurtured a creative diversity that heralded a new musical universe.

This steady but radical musical revolution was initiated by Debussy, and during the following 50 years Paris became the thriving centre for various musical influxes - both from the East with the Ballets Russes and the West with American Jazz.

Bringing together Maestro Salonen, the Philharmonia Orchestra and outstanding soloists we hope to further the understanding of this extraordinary moment in musical history whose profound, often subversive influence provides the key to enjoying the musical language of our time.

Vincent Meyer, President, Philharmonia Orchestra

From La Belle Époque and Les Années Folles to the aftermath of World War II, Paris was a melting pot for new music and new artistic ideas. Leading writers, artists and dancers of the age were drawn to the City of Light, collaborating with some of the best-loved composers to create sumptuous orchestral music in a celebration of sheer luxuriance of sound. Esa-Pekka Salonen leads a major series of events exploring the cultural history of Paris between 1900 and 1950, the follow-up to his acclaimed Vienna series, City of Dreams.

Caroline Potter and Caroline Rae
Series Consultants, City of Light: Paris 1900-1950

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